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Introducing....The COVID-19 Analyzer!

Brought to you by the graduate students in the Politics, Policy and Foreign Affairs specialization at Northwestern University's Medill School, The COVID-19 Analyzer combines original reporting that dives deep into how COVID-19 is affecting nearly every facet of society, from education to business to diplomacy- with two really cool interactives: a daily fact checker and election tracker.

I have had so much fun working on this for the past month. While the site is still in construction-mode, we've already put some great stories and programs up. Check out our podcast Six Feet From Normal (produced by Sara Wilson, Joe Snell, and Alec Bose), our weekly video recap/interview show "Medill Weekly" by Hyojung Kim, or a daily round-up of the pandemic- good and bad from Sam Cabral. Finding out that we couldn't do in-person reporting was a huge hit for a lot of us, but I'm really proud of the creative ways we're covering the pandemic.

As for the work I've done, here's a quick peak of the stories I've written so far.

Obey The Laws, And Wear The Gauze: A Glance At Mask-Wearing In The US

Americans don't like masks very much. I looked at the history of mask-wearing, and found that the related controversy isn't specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. I made this graphic with screencaps of historic newspaper headlines.

What The 1916 NYC Polio Epidemic Can Tell Us About COVID-19

More than a century ago, a different virus was keeping some New York City residents indoors. What can this past outbreak tell us today? I worked on this Brian Johnson, and designed the featured photo graphic.

How Community Colleges Are Responding To COVID-19

I explored whether or not community colleges face more challenges than opportunity in a learning environment shaped by a pandemic.

How Racism Shaped The Public Health Response To The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

A nurses strike, eugenics, segregated hospitals- I paged through old newspapers to help paint a brief picture of how African-Americans were affected by the pandemic a century ago.

I'll post in a couple weeks with even more stories. But until, then visit the site to stay updated on all the awesome work we're doing.

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