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One Month at the AP and Report for America

It's Friday, July 17th.

What does that mean? It’s been a month since I started at the AP!

I began my Report for America journey in Washington, D.C., scrambling to finish up my Northwestern responsibilities during a busy week of orientation and tech training.

My first assignment was to be the AP’s eyes and ears on the ground at Jefferson County’s sole polling place at the KY primary on June 23rd. (For context, Jefferson County as a population roughly the size of Washington, D.C.) I got a photo credit with this quick snap I got on a visit the day before.

A few days later, I was able to help with a piece followed up on this pandemic-era voting method, which you can read here. As get closer and closer to November, I’m really looking forward to revisiting the issue when new voting requirements are issued.

Since then, I’ve written about mask mandates and ongoing-tensions between Gov. Andy Beshear and KY’s GOP-led legislature, joined by state Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Yesterday, I live-tweeted on of Beshear's daily press briefings, in person from the state Capitol rotunda. Even though i don't have a problem from reporting from home, I really enjoyed the opportunity to experience reporting in person again. I hadn't live-tweeted an event in person since March, where I wrote about a congressional hearing on small businesses suffering declines in sales due to misinformation and xenopobia surrounding COVID-19.

While it is difficult to balance enterprise reporting (from home) and daily spot news coverage, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do this fellowship. Like most things in life right now, the pandemic has made things much more difficult, but my fellow corps members and I have adapted to meet these challenges.

Also: I'll be announcing my service project in the next couple of weeks.

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