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Here are some creative Covid-19 projects by Medill grad students

A few days ago, I shared an update on some stories I have written. Now, I want to highlight the awesome things my other Medill colleagues have done in the past few weeks as well.

The Bulletin Burger by Sam Cabral

If you've been overwhelmed by the barrage of push notifications and COVID-19 headlines, The Bulletin Burger is perfect for you. This Instagram show breaks down the news into quick bites in a fun way: a good-bad-good news sandwich of sorts. You can learn more about Sam and his thought process behind the project in an interview with the National Press Club Journalism Institute here.

Young & Quarantined by Silvia Martelli

Remember Humans of New York? This project highlights the diverse impact of the virus on young people across the world through interviews with people aged between 19 and 30 from 20+ countries.

Six Feet From Normal by Alec Bose, Joe Snell, and Sara Wilson

This podcast is from the COVID-19 Analyzer Project at Northwestern University. Each week, Alec, Joe, and Sara focus on a new area of our new reality. From education to mental health and childbirth. The most recent episode focuses on the future of travel. You can listen here.

Medialyte- Mark Stenburg

The pandemic has sent the media world into a tailspin. Medialyte is a weekly way of keeping up with the chaos. Stenberg describes the publication as a "pseudo-serious newsletter that explores the business side of the media world." Wednesday issues examine a key event in the media world, every Friday dispatch has a cool interview with someone in the industry. Learn more about the newsletter here and follow in Twitter here.

Medill Weekly- Hyojung Kim

Medill Weekly is a video show that recaps some of the most interesting stories, hosted by Hyojung Kim. Each episode is also nice recap of the reporting by the COVID-19 Analyzer project.

Restaurants Fighting Covid by Harrison Liao

This podcast delves into the many different ways COVID-19 is impacting the restaurant industry through interviews with chefs, owners, cook, bartenders and more.

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